Buy backlinks, do or not?

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We often get the question whether buying backlinks makes sense or not.

 Answering that question, like many others about SEO, is: it depends. 

It mainly depends on the quality of the backlink. Is the website where you are buying the backlinks of high quality? Then it makes sense to have a backlink placed on this website!

In this blog, we explain how to recognize such a qualitative backlink. We also show what results we have achieved with purchasing backlinks for customers. Then you know whether it is Worth buying backlinks for your website or not.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links that link between websites, let’s say website A to website B.

Google and other search engines see these links as a referral recommendation by website A to website B. And they will reward website B with authority based on the quality of backlinks it has gained from website A. 

Building authority through backlinks is one of the three SEO pillars that help your website rank higher in the search engine (the other two are technical SEO and good value content ).

There is a difference in value that different websites give. For example, if you have a backlink from Wikipedia, you will get a lot more value than a backlink from (unfortunately 😉).

You cannot just place a backlink on most websites with a high SEO value. This is often only possible by spending some money or might be free if they like your content so much that they want to refer to it without you paying anything. 

Unfortunately, this second option is not possible for most SMEs. Also, it is quite difficult for large companies. That is why the best and easy option is buying backlinks.

What does Google think about buying backlinks?

Google doesn’t want you to buy backlinks at all. But Google cannot determine whether you get backlinks by paying or whether your content is simply so valuable that it was shared for free. 

Of course, Google wants you to earn backlinks by creating great content, but this is often not possible in practice, for example, because as an SME or self-employed person, you just want to focus on your own content rather than linking others.

And also, Be careful when buying backlinks and with link building services. A well-thought-out link building strategy is, therefore, the basis for all link building activities. 

It’s important to avoid several things, such as receiving spam links and creating hundreds of backlinks quickly. 

Outsourcing link building to an Agency that understands it is often a smart choice.

The aspects of a qualitative backlink

So you can buy backlinks from different websites but only do this with websites of high quality.

 Ask yourself the following questions when determining the quality of the website:

Does the website have a significant amount of incoming organic traffic?

Does the website rank for enough relevant search terms in Google?

Does the website have a natural link profile? (By this, we mean: if it is thumbs up that all backlinks have been purchased, then the link profile is not natural. For example, are there regular backlinks, or are there 100 in one month?

– Are the backlinks to the website of high value?

– Doesn’t the website have backlinks that are of negative value for SEO?

– Are the domain rating, domain authority and trust flow of the website good enough?

– Is the website relevant to my website?

– Is the website backlink profile relevant to my website?

– Is the website in an interesting topical trust flow that is relevant to my website?

– Does the website not contain too many outgoing links to other websites?

Various tools are required to determine the quality of the website. We use Ahrefs and Majestic for this. You can also use Semrush or Moz. 

In addition, the article in which you are going to place the backlink is also of great importance. An article has to be relevant to the website on which you will place the link and relevant to your own website to provide you with more value.

What can a backlink cost?

That depends on several factors. A website that gets 100,000 visitors per month with a domain rating of 80 can ask a lot more dollars for the backlink than a website with 5000 visitors and a domain rating of 30. Therefore it is good to compare different websites and the prices before working with any website. Of course, keep in mind that you usually pay for quality. Does it seem too good to be true? Then it often is.

Buy results of qualitative backlinks.

We purchase backlinks for various clients, as we have determined together with them in the SEO strategy. Below we have highlighted a few results. For these (anonymous) customers, we are, in addition to link building, also working on the other aspects of SEO.

The graphs are structured as follows: on the horizontal axis, you can see how long we have been working on SEO for the customer. For most clients, we started buying backlinks later. We did other SEO works. You can see the positions in Google on the vertical axis. Each coloured line in the graph equals one URL of the customer’s website. The blue arrows indicate when we started (or stopped) buying backlinks. Once a backlink has been purchased and placed, it will be online forever and thus continues to pass on value to the linked page.

Customer A

– Search volume search term 1:70

– Competition search term 1 (according to Ahrefs): 40

The first arrow shows when we started buying backlinks, and the second arrow shows when we stopped. It is noticeable that Google quickly gives the page less value when we stop buying backlinks. 

Of course, This is because competitors are not sitting still and are also busy with their SEO. After losing the media budget, it took some time before we got back to number 1 (with a different URL). The conclusion we can draw from this is that buying backlinks creates a stronger position.

– Search volume search term 2:40

– Competition search term 2 (according to Ahrefs): 24

Again, the first arrow shows when we started buying backlinks and the second when we stopped. You can clearly see again that the URL almost immediately lost one position after stopping backlinks buying. Ultimately, we managed to regain this position by investing extra time in on-page optimization and backlinks from SEO blogs.

Customer B

– Search volume: 2900

– Competition (according to Ahrefs): 33

The importance of ranking on this search term was high for this customer. This is the most important search term in the industry, and it concerns products from $ 5,000. As you can see, it has been difficult for a long time to rank in the top 10 at all. At the moment, we are in position one after a significant increase because of buying backlinks.

Customer C

– Search volume: 12,100

– Competition (according to Ahrefs): 41

With this customer, we started buying backlinks right from the start. This is the most important search term for the customer because the search term precisely describes their services, and there is a lot of search volume on it. The competition is fierce, and without buying backlinks, these great results would not be possible: we have risen from position 8 to 3 in 4 months.

Customer D

– Search volume: 14,800

– Competition (according to Ahrefs): 58

This search term is the most important for this customer due to the high search volume per month plus the fact that the search covers precisely what they are selling. The website quickly rose a few positions and slowly went to the top 10. For this search term, the website is now in position 1, and that would certainly not have been possible without the media budget.

Conclusion: to buy backlinks or not?

Back to the key question: buy backlinks or not? 100% do! Keep in mind that the selling website meets the stated quality. It’s also always good to compare prices and websites so you can get the most out of your link-building efforts and media budget.

Got excited about the above SEO results? We can help you with that too! Contact us, and we will gladly tell you how we can help you with your online marketing.


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